WTS: Madcatz Headset Adapter w/ clip

07-14-09 Edit: I got my buttons, thanks guys. I do still have this adapter for sale if anyone needs one. $4.00 +shipping

I have for sale/trade:

  • Madcatz SE Stick headset converter $4.00 + Shipping
  • a Sanwa Square Gate (sold)
  • red ball Sanwa top (sold)
  • two Sanwa Pink OBSF-30 (sold).



New offer bump:

I will be willing to trade a combination of either a Sanwa Square Gate, Madcatz SE Stick headset converter, red ball Sanwa top, or two Sanwa Pink OBSF-30. The two pink buttons count as one item.

All four items are for sale; alternatively, you can pick any two of the above in return for two green Sanwa OBSF-30.


pm sent want to know the price on buttons and ball top

Replied to the both of you.

payment sent

Two pink buttons and Red ball top are sold.

Sanwa square gate sold, and got my buttons.

All that’s left is the Madcatz Adapter. :tup: