WTS Mad Catz Street Fighter x Tekken VS Edition Fightstick Dual Modded Cerberus (eBay)

This auction is for a Mad Catz SFxT VS Fight Stick! This stick is dual modded meaning it works for both XBOX 360 and PS3. This is possibly the most comfortable stick because of its size and weight and is chosen by some of the best in the Fighting Game Community!

The mod that is installed is Phreak Mods Cerberus! Works great and the unit is basically brand new! I use a TE Limited Edition and literally never used this thing but a handfull of times or if a friend came over!

PM me directly for International shipping!

Thanks for the views. Replied to all PM’s

PM’s replied to. ty

15 min left! :slight_smile: Thanks guys

So sad… my ps vita sale on ebay fell through, I would have snagged this up