WTS: LS-32, Modded OG Myoungshin Fanta, ODIN Drop-in Fightpad, Sanjuks V3

TTSIA. Parting ways because I really have no use for them honestly.

LS-32. Comes with extended hollow shaft, flat mounting bracket and Kowel’s octogate.


Next is a modded OG Myoungshin Fanta. Comes with Switch mounting support for both top and bottom. Switches it comes with are Gersung A3s


Omni’s ODIN Drop-in Fightpad (Currently out of stock)

$70 shipped

Lastly is yet another Ultra rare premium fightstick thats one of the best around. Comes with a Red metallic balltop, an extra 3lbs spring and 4 gates.


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New Item added.

New items added and price reduction.

Sent you a DM a couple days ago

Hurf durf. I am dumb.

@CUTWEST, let me know if u have anymore/ or know where to acquire another Sanjuks V3 joystick. Thank u for your time in advancem

Shoot me an email homie

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Got a sale going down next week, its been a long collaboration with multiple different sources involved being it’s a high money order and things have to be checked out by competent people in electronics. When that goes down next week I’ll hit u up!

LS32 and Fanta sold

@WHITE_4ND_N3RDY although i am fortunate enough to have bandits direct line i do not plan on buying anymore for I am good with what I got from him. Its best to check out IST Mall store or other vendors that might be selling it. Sorry. =(

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Is the Odin still available?


Did the ODIN sell? If not, I’ll take it. Thanks.