WTS: Like New Madcatz Blazblue TE Xbox360 $225

Stick was sold for 225

Similar TE sold for this price: [sold]new xbox360 white blazblue te $225

I have a like new BlazBlue TE for Xbox360. I’ve owned it for a little over a year now, but haven’t put much use into it, probably less than 40 hours of play time on it. It is in like new conditions, I’m kinda OCD so I constantly wipe it down, there are no buffs dents or scratches on it.

I don’t have the original box, anymore unfortunately, and I put in an octogate in it due to my own preference, but I still have the original square gate somewhere. I can throw in both of them, or if you want just one of them let me know and I can put it in and ship it with just one.

I can take pictures of any part or feature closer, if requested. Here are a few general pictures I just took of it:

The USB cord is actually still bundled as it was in out of the box (another OCD bit)

The stick is #417/1500 total made.

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Oh, sorry about that. The post was made over 40 hours ago (almost 2 days). But I’ll abide by that next time, I apologize.