WTS: Lightly used Dreamcast

So I’ve had this DC sitting around for ages now. I got it as a gift a thousand years ago to play DC 3s on it (obviously this was before the PS2/Xbox ports came out) when I was a wee nooblet.

It’s probably got less than 50 hours of use on it, so there is lots of time left for someone to put in a lot of Marvel hours with it.

Anybody interested? I’m about 15 minutes from Los Angeles, but have no problem shipping it to wherever you are.

I don’t even know how much these go for nowadays, but post some offers. I have 3 controllers (2 are brand new still in the box), the video cables and an RF adapter if you have an old ass TV. I don’t have the power cable, but the PS2, Xbox and lots of printers use the same cable, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Any takers? Looking for $40.

You need to post a price, thats a forum rule, good luck with the sale :tup:

My bad, I added the price.

Jesus christ that’s cheap

is it 40 shipped?

If so I’ll take it. I can pay as soon as you give me the okay.

I’ll take it and give you cash if you go to the next ELAC tourney


dammit shoo you beat me to it

if shoo flakes ill give you money at ELAC tourny…
mite have to fight shoo to the death for it