WTS: Korean Saulabi mutli console modded SE


NOTE: Above is an older picture. The joystick is now mounted flush. See below.



This is a stick I built for myself to experiment with. I used it for a few weeks. But now I wish to fund a new stick project.

This is a SE stick converted into a Korean stick using LLC panel (spray painted white). The button layout is a reproduced layout of the first six saulabi button layout which I learned to use Korean sticks on. The joystick is Crown CWJ-303N and the buttons are CWB203A snap ins. The buttons are held in by the rubber rings used in the Omni stick (2 per button). The start/back buttons are weco 12mm from eTokki. Mod is MC Cthulhu, Imp V2 and Mad Catz pad hack for multi cosole support (MCC running 1ms 2.3 firmware).

The original SE panel and turbo button insert will be included. But no original PCB guts or wiring (with exception of turbo PCB). I can include 1-2 USB/RJ45 cables (whatever buyer prefers).

Price: $150 + shipping.

Looks good

Gawd I want that panel. Wish you luck selling! :slight_smile:

If it weren’t for that button layout I’d definitely buy this