WTS Jap PS2 system and Jap games

I’ll be moving soon and I’m trying to sell my Japanese PS2 system and games.
The PS2 system is the limited edition Sakura color.

The games that I have for it are: GG ^Core, CvS2, KOF XI, KOF 98 UM (sold), Soul Calibur 3, GG/, Darkstalkers Collection.

Everything works great and I keep good care of my stuff.

I’m wanting to sell everything as a package/set for $250 but I can split up and sell the games individually.

I’m also open to offers and pics are below on the 18th post.

How much for CvS2?

$18 (includes shipping) or make offer

How much for the system only?

Does that include shipping to london?

Sorry, didn’t know you’re from London.
The shipping would be more depending on what shipment you would prefer.
So it would be safe to say ~$25 for outside US shipping.

Fatboy: I would like to get $150 for the system but again I’m open to offers. Though I can include a couple of games in along with the system.

I needs to sell this system.

I can sell the system with GG^C, GG/ and SC3 for $175 (Offers?)

is 98UM still available?

98 UM is still available.
I’m asking $30 (includes shipping to US) for it.

Fair enough, PM me your paypal info, I have the money waiting for you :tup: or if you want I can PM you my paypal so that you can send me a payment request.

Are u still selling the PS2. system?

Yes I am.
I totally forgot to update the thread. 98 UM is sold

I am also throwing in SBO '05 Vol 1 and Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned National Conference New Century III Visit dvds

How much for Guilty Gear Accent Core?

Tech: I’m selling it for $15

Pics of the system please.

I’m sorry.
My camera is at my old home right now and I won’t be able to get pics until after Thanksgiving.

The best I can do right now is give you the link to play-asia to give you a general idea of what it looks like:


Actually, give me a sec.

I found an old one. I’ll upload everything later today

Here are some pics

I don’t know where I got those scratches on the bottom. I know that I sent in this PS2 in for Evo one year and don’t remember if these scratches came with it when I got it back.

I forgot and left CvS2 out from the picture. Sorry

How much is the system with CvS2?

I’ll sell it for $165 (shipping is included).