Hori Real Arcade Pro V Silent for PS3/PS4
$110 shipped to continental US

Mint condition with light use as a secondary stick ( basically, whenever I didn’t feel like clicking ). All original parts, original box and warranty sticker included on wax paper since I opened the stick for “research purposes.”

Great stick that I’d highly recommend due to the accuracy of the optical PCB. I’m mostly unloading it because I need Christmas shopping money.

Edit: Lowered price to $110 shipped.

I’m interested. How “silent” are the buttons/stick? I tried to find videos of the stick, but the only one available is a video of the stick with music playing over it, which was completely pointless…

Also how do the button compare to the Madcatz TE2 brand?

The stick is completely silent and the only noise it produces is from striking the gate ( if you do ) at all.

As for the buttons, the TE2 has Sanwa buttons and the HRAPV Silent utilizes Hori Kuro buttons with silencer pads underneath. There’s no heavy click from the plunger bottoming out and the feel is significantly different compared to normal buttons since the plunger doesn’t go down as far.

Eh. I think that button feel might be bad for me, since I’m so used to Sanwa buttons. I think I might end up going for a TE2. If someone else wants to buy it off you, feel free to sell it to them. If you can’t find someone, feel free to message me again and I’ll consider it. Just trying to find a stick for when SF5 inevitably comes out.

PM’ed you again about buying this stick!

I’d buy it just to gut it for the optical Hayabusa, my main concern is if the optical Hayabusa pcb works well with the PS360+ board. PS360+ has problems with certain optical PCBs. The only one that works perfect with it up until now is the SparkCE by @Toodles. I could just Frankenstein a SparkCE and normal Hayabusa to fit together but the official Hayabusa Optical would be alot better instead.

Good luck with sale!

Payment sent!

Received the stick today. It’s in good condition and it works great on my PC!