WTS HRAP EXSE, stick parts, games

Alright, I have to go to work so I dont have time to put up pics right now, but I wanted to go ahead and get this up here. Both sticks have original boxes if you want them.

For sale I have my two sticks, the first is my HRAP EXSE which has 6 purple seimitsu PS 14 KN buttons and a purple bubbletop. Of course the rest of the buttons and stick are seimitsu. This was my guest stick and being that I live kinda far away from most of the other players it never got much use. Asking $105 shipped.

My modded SE is also for sale, this was my personal stick for the better part of a year. It has 6 blue Sanwa OBSF buttons, 2 hole plugs and a seimitsu LS 32 01 in it. Asking $75 shipped.

The rest is stick parts and all prices include shipping.
2 Sets of 6 seimitsu PS 14 G buttons (black rims 2 black 1 yellow 1 red 1 blue 1 green) $15 SOLD
Sanwa JLF wiring harness SOLD
Sanwa JLF 8 way gate $4
Sanwa JLF flat mounting plate $4
Seimitsu LS 32 round gate SOLD
2 bags of madcatz SE parts (stick, buttons) $8 each
35mm balltop green $3

All games are xbox 360
SSF4 $20
SF4 $10
COD 4 $10
Left 4 Dead $10
AVP $15
MVC2 (xbox) $30
20 gig HD for xbox $25

Also have a 30 gig ipod, it was the first gen to have video. I think the battery is failing in it after a while of listening it just goes dead, BUT it has worked great in my car with a charger and thats all I use it for now. Beats plugging my iphone in every time. $25 shipped.

Please pm me if you are interested, first come first served!


/waits for pics of the stick to be put up.

Pics are posted, answered all pms!

Added hard drive

Price drop

Whoa, you could buy a TE for $85. . . You could buy a TE for $75. . .

Price drops across the board