WTS: HRAP 3 with all sanwa parts (SOLD)


I have an HRAP 3 with all Sanwa buttons + Octogate + LS 33 Spring for $155 shipped.

I also have a brand new 1/16" clear top acrylic sheet I bought from Imitrex/Arthong for putting custom art on the HRAP 3 that I never got around to for $15 more if bought together.

HRAP 3 with all Sanwas - $155 shipped
HRAP 3 + Acrylic top (Imitrex/Arthong) - $170 shipped

I will ship double packed and with original HRAP 3 box which looked brand new.


Picture is here @ my site

Edit: The HRAP3 still has its top protective film on it. Never got around to remove it because I rarely use it if at all. Been using my custom modded American Sticks.

good deal with all sanwa and octogate.

Just to state a correction, the acrylic is from Arthong. :smile: In no way, do I want to take credit for his awesome work.

Awesome deal imo!



I’ll take the $155 version if it happens to make it through everyone else to me.

I’ll take the stick if the deal falls through. Let me know.

good stuff

pmed faux, thanks again

Stick is SOLD. Thanks for all the interests…

I have a T5 stick I have dual modded for PS2/Xbox360. I am currently dual modding my 2nd Pelican Real Arcade Universal (American style, I have decided I like American style better than Japanese). Once I get my 2nd Pelican completed, I might put my dual modded T5 stick for sale next. Keep your eyes open here. To see my dual modded T5 stick with all sanwa parts you can check it out @ my site. I got buncha photos for the T5.