WTS: HRAP 3 LED Modded


Great Condition barely 2 months old. Modded with bubble top and clear seimitsu buttons. Cord and everything in perfect condition.

Asking for $115 + shipping to US

150$ +shipping if you want me to include an LED mod.

Picture above.

Accept certain trades. Looking for PS2 Custom stick. PM me

Final price drop. Sorry for new post accidently deleted old one…

Great price/good luck selling.

Thanks bro

D:< OMFG SERIOUSLY? Is this still for sale? Whats the final price come to shipped with an LED? What would you want as trades? Got a list or something?

god damn it i wanted it too


I asked first you pedo!

Trades used wii. Custom ps2 stick

Its still up for grabs give me your zip and i can give you an accurate shipped price quote

Mines 95209, Can I get a price quote?

20-25$ depending on what they ask at my local postal office. Priority Mail

I can get the cash. Just a matter of how you want payment.

Get on aim. I would prefer Paypal

is it 115$ including shipping to us ? my bro is in connecticut and leaving on January third. will you be able to ship it before ?

No both were supposed to be +shipping. or it wouldve said 115 shipped instead of 115 shipping typo error I apologize. Yea if this guy doesnt buy it with the LEDs then i can have it shipped as soon as i recieve payment if this guy doesnt buy it.

allright keep in touch

will do offers still welcome guys

PMs Sent out

got it, you have one

PMs Sent out