WTS: Hori, Seimitsu and Sanwa parts

Prices do not include shipping. Will be shipped usps, and price will be based off your actual location

Found these, (2) new white sanwa obsf24’s. Bought these new for a stick i modded and tried to sell. nobody bought it so i parted the stick out and these were left over.
-$4 for the sanwas (sold to kitsunisan)

I have 2 Sanwa Ball tops
-white one is brand new (Sold to Kenshinhimora)
-vermillion one was taken off a HRAP 2
-$2 each

These are afew mounting plates i have laying around. (0) sanwa jlf brackets. And (1) seimitsu VF mounting bracket taken off a LS56. All come with screws to attach to joystick.
-$4 each

Used Seimitsu LS32 round gate. Has a small amount of red spray paint on it. Wont hurt anything.
***-$2 *** (Sold to JubeiNinja69)

A bunch or hori and other random buttons from mods ive done. All in working order.
-$6 for all of them (Sold to jdm714)

(5) Hori balltops, all in good condition.
-$5 for all of them

(2) left over hori Tekken 5 sticks.
-$5 for both of them (Sold to Morieris)

I have (6) blue ps-14-kns that have afew hours of play on them. Selling them so i can buy clear or green kns, havent made my mind up yet.
-$18 for the KNs [COLOR=“Red”]***(Sold to masturfader)***

Also have (2) white rim/black plunger ps-14-dns that were on my secondary stick for a month. So they hardly were used. Looking to trade for either white, black or pink ps-14-dns.
-$5 for the DNs[ (sold to the realyst)

Found acouple of shafts on my work desk.
(3) Sanwa JLF shaft
(1) Hori shaft. Think its from a FS3. (Sold to Zeetes)
-$2 each

Last but not least i have 2 wiring harnesses. Shorter one has sanwa color scheme. Longer one is a seimitsu harness. Both will work with sanwa or seimitsu.
-$4 each

All trades and purchases are backed 100% by KAZAMA

DISCLAIMER- KAZAMA is not included in any purchases… lol

pics and DNs added

does it come with the puppy

Sorry, kazama isnt included, but he will make sure the transaction goes smoothly

edit- added disclaimer to avoid confusion… lol

parts are now for sale and trade. prices added to OP

i’ll take the blue KNs. what’s your paypal?

pm me your address so i can give you the total with shipping.

BUMP, both sets of buttons still available. Buyer Flaked out.

I’ll take the 24mm. Whats shipping to 06511?

pmed you real

24 mm buttons sold. KNs still available.

price drops

is that a red or vermillion ball top?

also, anything you want in trade for the KNs besides other KNs? :wgrin:

actually, looking at it now, i guess it is a vermillion ball top. lol
Yea, im really looking for KN’s or money so i can buy. Sorry

How much just for Kazama?

Payment sent for the KNs and JLF Plate!

jeenyus- 2 brand new Nissan skylines and 4 asian girlfriends

morieris- pmed you

acouple of price drops. Need to sell acouple more things so i can buy parts for my next stick!!!

price drop on kazama?

Added afew more items

Yeah, make it 1 new skyline and 2 Asian girlfriends . :smokin: