WTS: Hori ex2 with sanwa joystick and buttons (So-Cal)

Selling my ex2 hori. The xbox 360 pcb fried so I threw in a sony ps2 pcb. I used it on my ps3 and gamecube with converters and worked flawless. Has sanwa jlf joystick and 6 white sanwa snap ins. I also chromed out the top plate. Asking $65 shipped anywhere in the U.S or picked up $60 I’m in west covina. I accept paypal or if you pick up cash.

Will post up better pics tomorrow

I am interested in picking up this stick from you. Excuse me if this is a newbie question, but I assume when you say the stick is JLF you mean that it is a Sanwa, correct?

Additionally, what kind of PCB are you using? Is it a 1st party Sony?

Any other weird quirks, defects, or issues I should know about?

If everything is kosher, I’ll send PayPal right away.

Just to help out here… He said at the top a ps2 pcb is what is being used. He also said that a Sanwa JLF is what is in it.

Yup thanks

where exactly are you located sir?

I’m in west covina.

I’d like to purchase it if it is still available. Could you PM me with your PayPal address?

Still up for grabs anyone?

nice stick man. Good luck :slight_smile:

Do you think it would be difficult to put in another 360 pcb? Overall, its a really nice setup and I actually live close to West Covina. Thanks.

pm’ed !