WTS> Hella Epic WoW account $500

Looking to get rid of my WoW account. I tried posting on MarkeeDragon and other various sites, but most are 14 year old kids trying to scam you.

I have multiple characters on this one.
I will provide armory links in the form of PM’s and as well as detailed screenshots or questions you may have.

I am legit and in Atlanta.

If you would like to have a phone conversation to secure the deal, that is fine as well.


70 Male Undead Warlock

  • Black Temple / Hyjal Attuned
  • 202 Spell Hit
  • 1000+ Shadow damage (without fel armor)
  • 415 Resilience in PVP gear (mostly S1)
  • ~300 Gold
  • Revered or Exhalted with most TBC factions
  • 3/5 T5 gear
  • Mostly SSC/TK Epics
  • 375 Tailoring
  • Some Mother Shahraz SR gear crafted
  • Transfer cooldown available
  • Exhalted Scryer

70 Female Draenei Shaman

  • 2000 Gold
  • 21% crit
  • ~780 Spelldamage (without totem)
  • All S1 PVP gear
  • Transfer cooldown available
  • Revered Aldor

67 Human Male Warrior
66 Undead Male Rogue

All of my characters have been played by me, and taken care of to the fullest extent. Again, if you have any questions about the account, PM me or post here.

I also have another account that I am willing to sell, a double Paladin account, for $350.

70 Male Blood Elf Paladin

  • Has 4/5 T4 Tanking gear (uncrushable)
  • Has S1/S2 PVP healing gear (1700 healing / 200+ resil)
  • 375 Enchanting
  • Misc Epics
  • Exhalted Scryer

70 Female Human Paladin (just dinged 70, no real gear)

I will not accept Western Union, Cash, or Personal Checks.
I will accept PayPal or Check (for tracking purposes).

I will change the e-mail address and provide my first/last name of the account once payment is processed. I’ll tell you how to play each class and recommended specs as well just out of courtesy.

oh yeah, payment plans and price negotiations are available as well, if you have things to trade, post, i might be remotely interested.


I already PM’ed a Moderator of this forum. They said it was fine.

how do you have a horde and alliance character on the same account… also those prices are crazy… just saying

They could be different servers or same server under Role Playing or Player vs Environment.

You can’t have horde and alliance on the same server but it is allowed on different servers.

Crazy prices? Go try to find an account similar… MarkeeDragon.com or a random website selling accounts.

You can have different faction on same account because there are multiple servers, you cannot have different faction on same server, but you can on same account/different server.


These are all on PVP Servers, None are on RP or PVE servers.

I got a whole lot more money for my account for having only 1 character decked out.

I got more too, but that was because I had the #1 warrior on all pvp brackets before season 1 was over. Pretty sure accounts have depreciated now.

I’m just wanting to get rid of my account. If people think this is too expensive, they need to get a job…

Says the guy selling his wow account…

So you’ve never sold anything while holding a job? Interesting.

also you will have to include the following

Answer to secret question
cdkeys registered to the account

without those things, it’s worthless.

I have those.


I am the original owner =)

i understand, but those will NEED to be provided to the buyer otherwise they have 0 security as to you taking the account back (think 14 year old scammer in your post)

regardless, nice lock and pretty nice shaman

mind listing what servers what chars are on? i think that is kinda important.

I have stated they are on PVP servers. Transfers are available. If they want more details I will gladly PM them.

o lawls

Hey Mike it’s Sora, why you selling your charies? :open_mouth: Hit me up I might take them =]

Is that seriously how much these things go for!? Shit’s ridiculous IMO.