WTS: Heaven Akuma Stick

This is the first design out of the Laughinghyena/Tagger designs and concepts. We are aiming not only to make bad ass looking sticks but sticks that you can actually play on and compete with. Allow me to introduce to you:

The Heaven Akuma Stick

Design: The symbol is flush with the case. So dont worry about it getting in your way while you play.

Dimensions: 12 1/2 by 9

Buttons: Sanwa OBSN buttons

Stick: Sanwa JLF Stick with Semitsu red clear ball top (ideal for LED setup)

Wirework: Basic but neat

Paint: Slick and sparkly paint job with shine.

Extras: Custom start/select/guide buttons right side of the case

Use the controller scheme B to get the best out of this stick.

The stick has been tested and its functions 100% for gameplay.

The stick itself is going for $200.00 + shipping.

PM if you want to purchase the stick and ill send you the Paypal information! :cool:

If by custom start buttons you mean Sanwa 15mms, then yeah, they sure are custom.

hot shit!

Doesn’t seem 200$ but it looks nice as hell.

Stick price is lowered to $180.00 + shipping

final price cut for the Akuma Stick: $150.00 plus shipping

bump for you. if i was an Akuma player i’d be all over this. $150 seems like a good deal.

thanks dude. but you dont have to be an Akuma player to rock this lol

PM sent.