WTS: go board, korean sticks, Dreamcast, random stuff

Long story short, I need money faster than I get paid to get car (bent rear axle) fixed. It’s going to cost around $200, I have around 0% of that before Friday. With that said, here’s the stuff.

9 - red iL (Happ) concave buttons - SOLD
9 - transparent iL (Happ) concave buttons - SOLD
1 - iL Compact (Super) joystick - SOLD

1 - Crown CWL305 joystick, purple bat top version, $18 shipped
1 - Myoungshin Fanta joystick, black bat top, $18 shipped

3 - Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm buttons, white w/clear plunger top, SOLD
3 - Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm buttons, white w/clear plunger top, SOLD
3 - Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm buttons, black w/clear plunger top, SOLD

1 - Sanwa LB-30N bat top with adapter, black - SOLD
1 - Sanwa LB-30N bat top with adapter, white - SOLD

1 - purple balltop - $3

1 - Madcatz Retro Arcade Stick 360 PCB - SOLD
1 - Madcatz 360 wired gamepad PCB - SOLD

1 - Perfect Dark Zero, plain case, $5

1 - Taiko Drum Master PS2 game + controller - $20

1 - Go board, plastic stones, 19x19, slide out drawers, $30 shipped

1 - Topps 1991 mini baseball card complete set, $8

do the bat tops include shipping?

Nothing includes shipping unless “shipped” is included in the price. I left it that way because many items will have a negligible affect on shipping cost if packaged with other items. I do believe the bat tops are going to be sold, however.

Actually, I haven’t heard back from the one who was going to buy both my bat tops, so if you’re still interested, let me know.

what color are the 9 - transparent iL (Happ) concave buttons?

They’re clear. no color. color of water.

DO the iL buttons have their respective microswitch?

yes, the switches are included, and they’re cherry.

payment sent

Got it, thanks.

still waiting on buttons

Shipping has been delayed, but I’m hoping I can get them out tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.

kool and the gang

Same here. Any update???

The long short version is that I haven’t been able to get to the PO. I expected to be pickng up the car on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, but the people who were going to buy stuff from me locally (the dreamcast and some monitors) flaked, and the cost of the repairs ended up being almost twice what I was originally quoted, so I’m still in limbo a few bucks away. I haven’t been able to get a ride earlier than the PO closes either. I’m currently trying to find other ways to make up the difference because I really need to get the car no later than Friday. As soon as I have a way to get where I can ship (again, no later than Friday), I’ll ship the stuff out.

New update, I’m good for tomorrow, getting the car back. Thanks everybody who helped. Everything will be shipped tomorrow.


Yes, like I said, your stuff has shipped. I would expect it by the end of the week.

sent payment for 360 Retro PCB :smiley: thanks dude!

Got my seimitsu buttons. Thanks for throwing in the screw button plug for free.