WTS: Garage Sale Wii U CE/ Playstation 3 Games/ Final Fantasy

Hey guys need to unload everything I possibly can to pay for my Networking Degree classes. Prices do not include shipping, any questions post on here or through pm.

Final Fantasy PS3 Lightning Retuns- Sealed Steel Book w/ Cloud Strife costume code-$70
Final Fantasy X/X-2- Limited Edition-Sealed- $45
Shenmue-Dreamcast- Sealed- Rare as fuck- $75
Pokemon Black-$19
Pokemon White-$21
Zelda A Link Between Worlds-Sealed/1st pressing- $40
Pokemon Soul Silver-$61
Zelda Wii U System Bundle-Sealed w/3 year warranty- $320
Zelda 3ds System w/o game used-$145



Lowered some prices. Get at me with any offers.


Hi do you still have the 3ds and wiiu?

150 for the Wii U, if you’ll take it, pm me.

150 is a ridiculously low price to ask for a brand new sealed 32 gig Wii-U. O_O
If that’s the case i’ll give you 180 for it, if you get desperate.
Would buy Soul Silver, but 60 bucks is way over the Gamestop current brand new price in case you didn’t know. lol

FUCK! Stop being so cheap! Anyone would be insulted with that offer.
These prices are pretty out there though.
GLWS dude.

wow much overprice

I would buy the FFX HD remaster for $30. Let me know.

Derukun! <3 <3
Get a new laptop!

My bad, didnt see the “sealed” part. Good luck on sale.