WTS: Games, Mas xbox360 Arcade Stick, Wavebirds, Systems, Neo Geo games, and Guides

Cleaning out my closet here are some things I need to get rid of.

MAS XBOX 360 Arcade Stick
One of the best American Sticks made today and Very VERY Rare. Works Great for Xbox360 or PC.

Two Neo Geo MVS Games
Puzzle Bobble (slight sound issue could be an easy fix, or could be my cabinet)
$12 shipped

Metal slug 2
work great
$22 shipped

Mario Galaxy guide NEW
$11 shipped

Madden 09 Limited edition Guide
$11 Shipped

N64 with 3 sports games, brand new RFU unit, and power adapter(no controler)
$22 shipped (SOLD)

PS2 Nework adapters
$40 shipped each

Outrun 2 xbox brand new
$9 shipped

007 Everything or Nothing Xbox Great condition
$9 shipped.

Vampire Savior import Sega saturn
$37 Shipped

Marvel Super Hero’s VS Street Fighter Import Sega Saturn
$40 shipped

Smash Bros Melee BRAND NEW Sealed
$30 shipped

PS1 Lot(Ten Pen Ally, Gran Turismo, Tony Hawk 1, Hotshots Golf 1, Cool Borders 2)
$20 shipped

Happ Super Arcade stick New Old Stock
$12 Shipped

Wave Birds Platnium (Great Condition
$36 shipped each

Dreamcast Web Browser 2.0 Sealed
$10 shipped

PS3 Sixaxis Controller Barely used
$32 Shipped

Night Warriors(Darkstalkers 2) Sega Saturn
$13 shipped

I will also take off $2 per item if you buy multiples that I can ship to the same address
Buy 2 $10 items=$20-$4 for buying two items= $16

All shipping quotes are US only, I will ship to other countries but there will be an extra charge, post with questions?
All pictures can be found here

Payments through paypal or Money Order.
Post any questions and good luck.

Seriously considering the Stick.
Three quick questions though.

  1. Does this stick have the Perfect 360 joystick? I assume it does not based on the price.
  2. Has there been any modding done to it? Cause all the buttons are black and not multicolored. Also, the art looks slightly different.
  3. Last, I don’t use paypal anymore cause my credit card info was stolen of paypal awhile ago. Do you take money orders?

I’m a serious buyer even though I’m an 09 member.

  1. no it is a competition joystick
  2. no there has been no modding to it. This is just how the xbox 360 version is
  3. yea Ill take a money order from the postoffice

let me know if you want it

OK I PMed you.

I am Canadian, but seriously interested in the stick - can paypal today if prev buyer drops

What exactly are the sound issues with Puzzle Bobble? Also because the picture was so small I couldn’t get a good look at the cart. Is it legit and/or have serials? For a game that is as insanely common as that one it’s not a huge issue, I just want to make sure it wont have the normal problems boots get over time.

the sound issue is that it doesnt play background music. I dont know if it is ligit, dont know how to check. but it plays great other than that issue.

Stick on hold for Tomalawk untill tommorow

buyer fell through stick is back up for sale

WTS Game, Mas xbox360 stick, wavbirds, systems, neo geo games, all PRICES LOWE

Prices lowered

pm sent.

N64 sold

pm sent

stick on hold for Dr. Kvader until tommorow morning

Mas stick sold

MAS Stick sent April 2 or 3 (can’t remember) and received on April 7th. Got held up in the apartment main office for a week until I tracked down they were holding my shipment.

Items works 100%. +1 for filldoh. Sorry for the late bump/review.