WTS - Full Kuroda DVD sets & RARE Kuroda Urien DVD!

Here I have Kuroda DVD’s for sale new and improved DVD case artwork! brand new & sealed!, also have RARE Urien which is very hard to get hold of.

Low stock on sets

$9 each + shipping (Apart from Urien which is $15)

Full complete set $125 (including Urien) + shipping

I am based in the UK.






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Just bumping to say he’s legit, the DVD’s are sealed and real and on top of that after watching it - it’s the best Kuroda DVD out the lot.

Picture of the complete set:

How much would it be for the complete set?

PM sent :slight_smile:

Got the dvd in the mail today. Thanks again.

Still available with lowered price

How much for the whole set shipped to the US? Thank you.

Replied :slight_smile:

Still available :slight_smile:

Thank you

Might be interested. Just curious, how do you have so many, are you making these yourself? I have some of the original set from game-inn sakura and they don’t look like this.

Hi Metric,

Sorry for the delayed response I don’t come on here to often (if you a send a pm it notifies me by email but doesn’t do the same if someone posts here)

I don’t have a lot left now, I will soon be out of stock in till my mate sources me some more. No I do not make these fella these were bought directly from Game-inn Sakura when did you purchase your set? I use to have the white version which I purchased a good 2-3 years ago but now this is their new version updated version of DVD’s which I got last year in 2012.

I got these DVD’s last year off my mate who lives in Japan, he’s originally from London but teaches english in Japan. Lucky enough I was their last July and found the arcade after a long struggle but was disappointed as they said they need couple days notice to burn them but I was leaving that evening to go to Chiba were I would be leaving to go back the UK in a few days (was not coming back to Tokyo). So lucky enough my mate said he would collect my order and bring them over which luckily was in August. So asked if he could pick me up a few sets (8 sets to be exact!) as I had people in the UK after them and no one has actually sold them here before especially the Urien one which is like gold dust (plus he had 34kg luggage allowance and said I could easily have 10kg of his space! That’s what you call a great friend! lol

Thing is the UK site for FGC was took offline and so could not sell majority them off. So resorted to trying to get rid of the remaining here

If your still interested mate send me a pm :smiley:


Sent a PM.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled trading.

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Ah cheers fella :slight_smile: