WTS: FoeHammer Parduk/plexi Top Panel Custom Arcade Stick $200

Up for sell is a one-of-a-kind FoeHammer Custom Plexi Parduk Fightstick Arcade Stick. The unique quality about this stick is that 1/3 of the thickness of this stick is made with bulletproof plexi glass, acting as the top panel and the remaining 2/3 is made from a piece of high quality, dense piece of parduk wood. This stick offers not only beauty in it’s elegant design but also superior craftsmanship and comfort. The measurements for this stick are 9in x 15in x 9 1/5in. This stick comes with all sanwa parts, JLF joystick and OBS buttons. It also comes modded for the PS3, XBOX360 and PC by utilizing an AkiShop PS360+ pcb. Along with those features, it also comes modded with a neutrik detachable usb port, so that a player can easily detach and store the usb cable. with the purchase of this stick, an added incentive is that there will be free shipping, so don’t miss out on this stick. if you are interested, please PM me on SRK or at my email redeyefightnights@yahoo.com


That is one nice arcade stick, Joe :slight_smile:

Looks great big dog. Great seller here folks