WTS: Foe Hammer Dual Mod





UPDATE: Here’s the same stick but with different artwork. There’s tons of awesome possibilities for this thing. I needs to be in the hands of someone who plays more than once ever 2 weeks.

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Foe hammer stick with the madcatz/vewlix layout. Home star and select buttons on the top. Neutrik USB jack with rubber gasket. Internally it’s dual modded with a ChImp and Madcatz Fightpad PCB. My artwork is currently on top but I’ll remove it. If you want to keep the art but change the name, I’ll re-print it for you. The buttons are all sanwa and the joystick is a JLF.

$200 Shipped. That’s cheaper than many TE dual mods on these forums. It’s a great price for a custom. I’m just looking to unload, this is less than all the parts together cost me.

I’ll get it to the post office within 24 hours (provided they are open and you pay at a reasonable hour).

If you take it by the end of this week, I’ll included an LS-32 spring, octagonal gate, and 10 foot clear USB cable.

Again, $200 SHIPPED!

**I will now accept trades + cash for this stick. I’ll take a near new TE (360 preferably) + $100 or some other similar trade. Trades will be locally only. **

I’ll otherwise take even a 360 SE as part of the trade. As long as the PCB and case is in really good condition, I wouldn’t even care about the buttons. I want to be able to play still, I just could use the cash.

US48 only.

UPDATE: Officially willing to part this sucker out.

$90 for the whole wiring setup, dual mod and all. shipped.
$90 for the case shipped
$55 for the JLF, Balltop, and all 13 buttons shipped.

I ship priority mail with tracking in most cases. The case may have to be first class.

Added another picture with different art, responded to PM’s, lots of flakes. Come on guys, this is going towards my “can’t get a job as an economist” fund.

Update. I will sell the buttons and balltop separate from the rest of the stick. They’ve barely been used and are in excellent condition. $35 for all with free priority shipping.

Really need to get you to make me a keyboard “stick” some time Tao. Your work is always top knotch!

Thanks man, appreciate it. I can totally do that. There’s even a way to make separate diagonal buttons for extra precision.

You still only shipping to the US? If you decide to ship to Canada as well I may be interested.

If you’re willing to pay extra for the canadian shipping and customs costs (all that garbage) I’ll do it.

Hey, if I had the money, I’d definitely take this off your hands. From the time that I’ve spent with the stick, it’s really responsive and compact. A tad bit smaller than an SE with TE-like performance. And it’s dual modded? A+ in my book.

I’m going to drop the price to $200 Shipped. Now it’s as cheap/cheaper than a dual modded TE but it’s a one-of-a-kind item. This is as low as it will go. I’m a long way off from even covering my cost to build this thing.

Added a new picture. Please buy my fightstick!

Now accepting trades.

what u accepting for trade…

Send you a PM man.

Hey guys, give me a hand here. I’m out of work and would be really grateful if this thing sold.

Parting it out now.

I am willing to deal with you… Sucks because people always flake on me too, hope we could work something out.