WTS Fable 2- Mint

Shipping to lower 48 states only. Paypal only.

Fable 2- Complete and Extremely Mint. Opened the factory seal long enough to play it for maybe 30 minutes at most.

$20.00 shipped.

pm sent!

Rock band sold.

Guitar Hero World Tour bundle cut to $40.00 shipped.

Bump- PSP Bundle price cut to $120.

(To those who might’ve saw the last bump I did in the post above this one and noticed that my previous PSP price cut is MIA, it is because after doing it, I received way too much aggro from the Mrs. Since the PSP/games are partially hers, I didn’t have much of a choice to revert back.

you willing to sell the psp games seperately???

im outi


I’d prefer to keep things as a bundle for now. Overall it’s a great deal for everything considering the cost of just the system, and breaking up the bundle just ends up making the system harder to sell down the road.

Selling the system is priority over the games, so if someone wanted JUST the system, then I could see breaking it up, or if someone wanted all the games, but not the system, then again, I could see breaking up the bundle. Otherwise, things will stay as they are now.

Bump- Price drop on the PSP Bundle to $100.00 shipped

How much for just the psp and the memory sticks? If you can do that, If not. Its still a good price honestly, I wouldnt mind buying at all. But I dont really need the games :<


Fucker! Dont steal that psp!!! I want it :frowning:

I’m tryin’ :lol:

It’s ultimately up to the seller.

Sorry, I ended up checking my inbox before the thread, so I got Zombie’s PM first. If payment doesn’t go through, then Mystic in line next. Sorry I couldn’t check back earlier, was gone all day.

FUCK!!! I wanted that so bad :frowning:

PSP Lot sold to Zombie.

Sorry mystic :frowning:


Holy shit! You shipped yesterday and I got it today, nice. :rock:

It’s all is in great shape too. Pleasure doing business with you.

I hate you dude.


  • goes back to playing PSP *

;_; I wanted that so bad…