WTS EVO TE, Blazblue TE, Round TE and more

Mods please close my last thread. I have the following sticks for sale. I need to sell these as I am semi-retiring from competitive scene and want to sell all the sticks I have no use for. Prices include shipping but I prefer local sales. I’m located in Milwaukee Wisconsin so I can meet up locally and I also go down to Chicago so I can meet up there.

Evo TE PS3 $130 shipped (SOLD)
Round 2 TE Xbox 360 $100 shipped (SOLD)
MvC2 TE ps3 $110 shipped
Chun Li TE ps3 $210 shipped (SOLD)
Soul calibur 5 TE New ps3 $80 shipped (SOLD)
SXTK VS TE New ps3 $140 shipped
Blazblue TE ps3 $110 shipped (SOLD)





Do you have a picture of the Mad Catz VS TE?

Great prices. Especially that BlazBlue TE!

can we get some pictures please.

Yeah ill get pics up after i get off work today. Also made a correction, i’m selling the sxtk VS, not the madcatz logo VS

updated with pics

can give a little more detail on the condition of each stick mate.

I’m interested in the Blazblue TE. I sent you a message!

I forgot to include pics of the mvc2 TE but they all have very few hours on them. They are all in pretty good condition. Nothing is broken or scratched up badly

can you hold off on the mvc2 te. Gonna pay off my dads car license and see how much I have left over.

Yeah np. How long tho?

I’m interested in the TE Round 2 stick. Could you provide a few more details about it, such as how long it was used, any major/minor damage or scuff marks, etc. The picture is alright, but it’s a bit fuzzy and not close enough for examination.

Its in good condition. I got it like a few months after it released and probably used it for about 6 hours max. Its been sittin since. I did test all the stick before i listed them and theyre good

Evo stick sold
Blazblue pending payment

this weekend it looks like.

I can hold it til sunday

Blazblue TE sold

can you provide a picture for the mvc2 stick on your spare time please. Too bad I can’t get the chun for cheaper. Like that blue casing. Understandable price considering it’s limited.

Yeah ill post it up after work

updated with mvc2 stick