WTS: Ebay: Portable 7" 16:9 TV, Play SSF4 Anywhere! $49.99


Hey guys! I picked up 4 of these babies from a local store. These are 7" Digital TV’s that allow you to hook up A/V provided you have right RCA coupler from Radio Shack. They sell them for 5 bucks.

These are 16:9 with a 480x234 resolution. And the best part, these can use rechargeable batteries. Take a look at this gamer playing his PS2 on this TV (he could have hooked it up better).


And this guy reviews the TV.


I posted these up on Ebay for quick selling but if the SRK community is interested in buying some of these I can head back to the store this weekend and see if they have anymore.

Here is the link, get them fast! I will soon be playing SSF4 from my car on breaks at work once I get a power adapter for my cigarette lighter.


Hah, that’s kinda cool. Though it looks for useful as a portable monitor for your laptop. Regardless nice find.

how long does it last with batteries?

2 1/2 hours before you need to re charge the batteries.

wow. thats long

Just got a bunch more of these TV’s. You can check the Ebay page here

NEW Digital Labs 7" Portable Digital Television - 16:9 - eBay (item 320572088049 end time Aug-11-10 13:53:31 PDT)

Hey guys, just letting everyone know that I will be giving away one of these on Thursday night if 16 people sign up to my Xbox Live tournament. You can check out information here…

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