WTS: DOA4 Stick, Sanwa Joystick, Seimitsu Buttons

A while ago, I was planning to mod a SFAC stick with a Sanwa joystick and the DOA4 stick with Seimitsu buttons. I lost interest after buying custom sticks, and these items have been laying around my room for some time, so I’d figured it’s time to sell them.

First is my used DOA4 stick. Stock Hori stick and buttons. I replaced the stock Hori square gate with a Sanwa square gate. $45.00


Also on sale is a never-used Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick (which includes the harness) for $20. For $5 more, I’ll include the GT-Y octagonal restrictor plate.

I also have never-used Seimitsu snap-ins (not sure of the exact model number, but they are the standard ones). Red, yellow, blue, green, and two whites, all with a black trim. At $2 a pop, it will cost $12 if you order all six. The green Seimitsu balltop is also worth $2.


Please be aware that I did not add shipping prices to these because it will vary depending on which items you order. I’ll keep the shipping cost fair, especially if you order all the items in my post (I’ll even give you a $5 discount if you ask for everything). I ship USPS with Delivery Confirmation.

If you are interested, please send me a PM with the items you want along with your zip code. I normally accept Paypal, but money orders are also okay.

If the buttons and stick on the DOA stick where changed to sanwas I’d definitely pick it up. And you would’ve been able to raise the price. Let me know if you can do that. Othewise, I’m out.

The stick is being sold as is (stock Hori stick and buttons). I haven’t tried using a soldering iron, so you really don’t want to me to mod this stick.

Also, to potential buyers, please include your zip code if you PM me. It will help me determine shipping costs (and again, I will make the price fair and not gouge you).

I want to purchase this stick. My zip is 78228. Give me a price shipped. =)

buttons $12 shipped let me know, zip 91754

PM Sent

PM sent regarding stick.

Buttons still for sale?