WTS : Dazzle cap.,God of War III CE , Mass Effect Bundled (including 2 CE), Sanwa JLF

Dazzle DVC-100 Capture Card + 3x Rca splitters
This is everything you need to get started capturing any video game source via standard composite video or S-Video!
Records up to 640x480 in decent quality and doesn’t need a separate power source.
$35 shipped.

God of War III CE
$60 shipped.

Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 CE, Gamestop Terminus Armor/Weapon card

Sanwa JLF with shaft/dust cover

Paypal only.

I sent a PM about the JLF earlier in the day. Please get back at me.

hey sorry , was out and about today. The jlf was sold to meus, and me bundle was sold on ebay.