WTS Customized Hori Fighting Stick 3(PS3)

I have for sale a wonderfully taken care of Hori Fighting Stick 3 for PS3 w/ all seimitsu buttons and ball top w/ custom artwork. I’m looking to sell this to put money toward getting a new Qanba stick or hori v3 sa. I am not quite sure what to ask for, but the cost of stick, buttons and my time I think I would like to settle on about $100 shipped. There is definitely wiggle room on the price and would prefer to only ship to the lower 48. Also this stick will come with all original buttons and balltop(unless someone would like to buy separate; if so shoot an offer). The stick will be packaged in its original box + good padding for the shipment. The stick has minimal use. Interior pictures can be posted upon request.


inside case pics coming soon; home sick, just gotta take them and upload

here they are:



That’s a good looking stick

I’d say for the original Happ buttons that came int he stick I would sell them for $10(all 8) shipped. Stick once again $100 shipped to lower 48 OBO(or best offer). Inside pics will be posted tomorrow; I’d really like to upgrade and getting rid of this will help me do so sooner :smiley:

I just wanted to know - PCB is stock? Only because I’d really like to swap the layout if I were to purchase this. If it’s stock, I can’t… so sorry + goodluck with the sale.

It is the stock PCB with all QDs on the buttons. The stick wires are heatshrinked. I will post interior pics when I get home from work tonight.

well scogs you could always put in a different PCB :smiley:

added interior pictures. $100 shipped in original box & stock Happ buttons $10 shipped

not to be intrusive, but the buttons that came with the stick originally aren’t happ, they’re hori brand sanwa knock offs.

That is a nice looking stick though. Are you willing to trade for anything? i have an assortment of buttons (happ, il, sanwa, seimitsu, and a few crown), sticks (happ, seimitsu, wico,crown) and ball/battops. pm me if you’re interested

I’m trying to sell this to put towards getting a Q4RAF or dual modded HRAP v3 sa