WTS : Custom TE's x 3 ! Dual-modded (1), 360 (1), PS3 (1)

Have a lot of three TE’s. All prices are shipped within the USA and via paypal only


Dual-modded Rd. 1 TE
Dual modded with Cthulu and Imp by gummowned for user Zero000
Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons replaced to match Neo Geo color scheme
Sanwa Red Balltop
Arthong Extended Plexi
Custom NeoGeo/MVS art Work

-some slight wear, there is a very small hairline crack between the 3rd and 4th button on the plexi on the bottom row



Xbox 360 Rd. 2 TE
Seimitsu PS14KN button for art effect
Arthong Full Plexi
Arthong Custom dustwasher with full artwork
Custom B*Rock Shooter artwork


PS3 Rd. 1 TE
Seimitsu Purple Bubble top
Arthong Full Plexi
Arthong Back Plexi
Custom Kara no Kyoukai artwork front and rear

Asking $135 shipped



Good luck with the sale Paik, bastard.

Getting paid on Sunday…my hours are all sketchy and I get paid under the table, so I’m gonna know by then whether or not I can get that 360 stick by then. Assuming you still have it by that time, of course.

But I’ll just say this…I’m new to buying arcade sticks. I’ve done a bit of research and know what parts I’m looking for and how they work. It seems like that one would do for me… And the art from Black Star Rock! I love it!
I have to ask though, is it in good condition? It works well and all?

I’ll take the dual. PM sent.

PMd about the 360 stick

nvm let me know if mdsfx backs out

You take it.

alright pm’d him

dammit, why do the americans get all the good stuff…lol, just once i’d like to see a canadian say 135 shipped to canada.

talk to meus he is in canada and he has multiple of every stick

All pms responded too minus mdsfx.
Luka if I still have it, its definetely in great and working condition. First pay first serve though for it!

Oh, I completely understand…I’m hoping to get this one though. If not, I can always keep looking. Or even have someone make one for me eventually.
I’ll pm you on Sunday.

Ah ok, updated. Dual modded and 360 stick both have been sold!