Wts: custom sticks, solid wood, ps360, sanwa and seimitsu parts

Wood case
all the wiring is included as well as screws for newtrik and pcb
4 holes up front for 24mm buttons and hole for newtrik

Did you make these?

yup, I made them a couple of weeks ago

Do you have PS360 PCB for sell??? If so I might want a few.


Any particular reason the buttons are so high and above the stick?

the reason I made them like that was to have enough space to rest your palm, for someone with big hands, they are pretty comfortable, no difference from my TE’S

Can you lower the price on the Evil Ryu stick?


price lowered on the Makoto stick



Priced adjusted

can you PM me and show me some sticks? I’m looking to buy.

PS2 Anniversary pads added