WTS: Custom stick, games, Razer mouse

done deal thanks

"PS3 Marvel vs Capcom 2 with case, some wear due to play, but works perfectly.

Asking $35.00"

What exactly is this?

PS2 copy of MvC2 with a typo. Was up on 2 hours of sleep for a 30 hour day. Fixing.

Responded to those who PM’d me. Razer mouse and SSFIV possibly sold; waiting for response. Other times have received no offers, though.

PM Sent!

Hey, got your PM. Still waiting on the first guy who offered for the item. I’ll let you know if he declines, though.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m still waiting for the original purchase on the SSFIV; he said he’d contact me today. If that falls through, I’ll contact people in the order they PM’d me.

All items still for sale at this point, but I have a possible buyer for SSFIV+Razer mouse.

EDIT: I added pictures to a lot of items. I finally got a digital camera working; excuse them if they aren’t the best angles, etc. I have never used a digital camera before :frowning: The items without pictures are buried under my bed, and I will get them out when I get a chance. However, I finally have some up!

Juggy get @ me A.S.A.P!!!:sweat:

I apologize for the lack of updates. I PM’d you, exarchezekiel. My internet has been down since last Wednesday, which obviously is awful timing (as I had this, plus eBay auctions going, plus school work to keep up with online). Everything is up and running now.

The stick is officially sold. Some other items probably will be after today; I’m updating the original post at the moment. Everything listed in it is still for sale until I receive payment.

I dug out the cartridges to the SNES games; I will post pictures later.

Everything on the list is still for sale, minus the stick, as noted.