WTS: Custom stick, dual modded, all sanwa

Everything on this stick is less than 20 minutes used. Put it together and that was about it. It feels great but I think id rather have the money since I have a te anyways.

QCF Case, needs to be painted
Sanwa jlf with jlf spring and ls-33 spring, will also include a 55 spring
sanwa blue buttons, 6 30mm, 2 24mm, will include 2 more 30mms and 2 more 24mms
Sanwa blue meshball
Akishop ps360 pcb, has the usb attachment to
usb cable included
Arrow dustwasher

Like I said everything is pretty much brand new, the case is in good shape, just peeled the backings off the plexi, no chips anywhere.

Looking for 200 shipped, shipping is gonna be around 20$ with insurance and packing the hell outta it.

** usb cable is coming out of a 24mm button hole, theres a daisy chained ground incase you want a back button hhooked up, I planned on adding a NAUSB adapter thing but in the mean time ran the cable through that hole

will take offers! everythings new!

160 shipped?