WTS: custom Sagat paduk PSX stick, 4 blue sanwa buttons

ok first off I have a custom sagat ps1/2 stick originally made by AxisGaming around 2.5 years ago I believe. nothing wrong with this stick performance wise at all. the buttons and stick are SENSITIVE. its all sanwa with a JLF and snap in buttons with seimitsu start/select buttons and I think it maybe just the stick making the buttons feel more sensitive than usual but it feels great when playing games. i played 3s mostly on it and my execution has gone wayy up playing with this stick. i personally think its a steal for the price

i must mention that there is a small crack in the fiberglass by the fierce button. it doesnt affect gameplay or performance at all you cant even feel it.

also the bottom side doesnt look as professional as it used to look. the wiring doesn’t look quite as clean as it should this was my first stick Ive ever had to fix and I had to do a lot of fixing to get this stick to work properly but i was definitely worth it because it works like a dream now.

price : $70.00 obo + shipping.

I also have 4 light blue 30mm sanwa snap in buttons i wanna get rid of. ill trade these for a JLF circle gate or sell for $11.00 shipped

pics of everything are here: ImageShack Album - 12 images
just post up or pm me and we’ll talk from there. you know the deal.

paypal only, no international buyers please. thanks!