WTS: Custom Hitbox

I’m looking to sell my custom hardwood Hitbox. As you can see by the pics, the wiring is very clean. Comes as is…I have two other Hitbox fightstick and just want to part with his one.

9 30mm Sanwa Buttons with Quartz clear plungers
3 24mm Seimitsu Buttons for directionals
3 24mm Seimitsu Buttons as Start/Select/Home
Custom artwork(easily replaceable)
Toodles Cthuhlu PCB
Neutrik USB Feed Through
Set up for PS3 and PC play but can be easily dual modded
*Only con is I never got a bottom plexi but any hardware store can cut you one for a few bucks.I’ll toss in the USB cable so you can jump online right out the box since I’m minus the plexi. Asking 220 shipped…not too desperate to sell but hit me with an offer if you wanna…Never hurts to PM