WTS Custom Dark Souls Madcatz TES+ PS3/PS4 [sold]

Buttons are Clear Sanwa OBSC 30mm. The board is actually a Brook PS3/PS4 board. When I bought the stick originally the original Madcatz board was fried so I replaced it with a Brook pcb. The PS Button works as I wired it straight to the board but the touchpad button is just for show. The Start and Select/Share button are functional as well. The Joystick is stock. I also had to replace the usb cable and is now a gold-plated one.

I am selling because I have no more need for this stick… I have another one… only problem with this one is that it needs to be updated but for some reason I can not update the board on my computer.

Asking price is $80 + shipping (If you live in NJ/NY perhaps we can work something out on delivery). If you have any further questions please ask away!

bumpity bump bump.

I’m willing to buy, just pm’d you