WTS: Custom Byrdo (SOLD), Sanwa Flash (SOLD)

I have a new Byrdo stick for sale. Made of Amboyna burl and is wireless PS3. SOLD

Sanwa Flash for sale. Condition is pretty much new and only used for half an hour. SOLD

wow that is a thing of beauty. damn i wish i had 450 to drop on it. so god damn pretty.

that byrdo stick is sooooo bosssssssssss

If you’d take 150 for the flash I’d be down. Pm if you are. Cash in hand.

Sanwa Flash! ugh!!! So tempting but couldn’t.

Good luck man! You always seem to have awesome stuff for sale.

the byrdo is very nice. wow.

The art on that byrdo stick is freakin’ HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT. :wow:

Sick Byrdo stick !!!

Ughhnuhhhhhh, I would love the flash, but I can’t drop $425 on a stick right now…

That is one awesome looking stick, I simply love that Amboyna Burl wood…that stuff costs mucho $$$$, good luck with your sale!

By far the best stick I have ever seen no homo. I bet when/if you brought that thing to tournaments you drew so much attention haha. GL

updated with picture of sanwa flash

PM sent pertaining to Sanwa Flash…sigh…I know I’ll probably regret this!

probably not. ill buy it from you for 150 if you dont like it.

Lol good to know, this purchase will set me back a bit in completing my custom, I sure hope its as gravy as everyone makes it out to be, but I prob wont get to really playing on it until building is complete :\

The Sanwa Flash is the best stick IMO. Hands down.
It feels like nothing’s there!
BTW Conkhi is a really good seller!

haha good to hear, networkingyuppy, Im personally bringing it to you after all, hopefully after i can get stevetren to comission me a stick! haha

Put that fucker in something the second you get it!

try it with an LS 32 spring. thats what I use.

Edit: Stevetren Ebony custom w/ flash is what I have.

Wow that is lovely :lovin: Unfortunately I’m not skilled w/ the soldering :crybaby: (gotta practice!) and im doing the whole RJ-45 mod + USB neutrik business, so ill be taking those to yuppy lol. It is tempting though, it’ll just be staring at me for weeks :tdown:

It looks to be in very good condition. Only a few indentations on the rubber ring, nice long 5v. cable.
Have yuppy add QD’s to your 5v. He will know what I’m talking about as I had him do mine.