Wts custom bigboy souji5 sanwa/Korean hybrid case

Hey guys I’m really starting to clean my closet of arcade sticks that I’ve collected, I got this bigboy made a year ago and never really found use for it because i was afraid of ruining it if i played on it. It ended up just for looks for my gatherings :frowning:

Anyways this is a Leopard/curly maple wood case made by souji5 and as you can see it’s made to fit a JLF or a Fanta but the buttons are 30mm so sanwa or seimitsus only. This case is fucking huge, quite bigger than a TE lol. Like I said I rarely ever used it, but while it was kept in my closet it did aquire very light scratching on the bottom that you can see only if you turned it upside down but you can buff that shit out :slight_smile:
On the side it has 2 24mm countersunk buttons holes and in the front a another 24mm for a Nuetrik adapter.
Please get this monster out of my home and put use of it, case only $185 shipped US. Only

Bumb, price drop

I would buy it if the layout wasn’t fugly!!! How much would shipping be to me?

Damn you live kinda far so I would Say +$50 shipping and 20 for a convenience fee!

Bump $175 shipped

Bump, OBO now