WTS: Custom "beat up" case. Cheap!

This was one of the first customs I built. Since then I’ve overhauled my design so I’m going to be selling this case.
This case is beat up and may need some VERY MINOR work done to it, but it still works great. This was my main stick for months and I took it to Impact Clash 2 and didn’t fail me. If you buy this, the second I ship it out its yours and all sales are final.

**Dimensions: **
stick: 8.5 x 12 x 2
panel: 8.5 x 11

Color: Red
Wood: MDF all around, poplar on inside
Art: Custom artwork by me with pen + paper (not photoshop). Its the 7 laws of bushido.
Layout: Similair to 2p astro city. Buttons are very close together and because of that require snap in buttons.

Issues: The wood on the sides are cracked, but its still sturdy. (fix: some wood glue?)
The inside MDF panels didn’t work at all, so I put piesces of poplar in there to hold the stick down. It may need some more wood for support.
Paint reflects but is messed up all around and chipped off in a couple of places.

Heres what it looked like when I first finished it:

Here are some pictures that I just took:

Here is what else you get with the stick:

NOTE: You do not get the buttons in the stick. This is just for the case and the nuts/screws to put the JLF in and secure the panel to the stick.

Hows $40 + shipping sound? As I said it has minor issues that can easily be fixed. The quality is still great and its still sturdy. Talk to me.
Oh yeah… I like trades. I’m looking for Sanwa JLFs, Sanwa snap in buttons, pcbs… stuff to build sticks with.

Questions? Ask :nunchuck: