WTS: Custom Arcade Stick Dual Mod ps3/360 (PRICE DROP)

For sale is a Dual mod Arcade custom.

With a P360 PCB.
Sanwa JLF Stick
Seimitsu Clear Buttons With Art

Minor blemish on the paint. Added a pic. The picture looks worst then it is because of flash. But can be sanded and painted over. (It’s the final pic I posted)

Asking for $175.00 Shipped
Paypal or Local only

Enjoy the pictures. Feel free to ask any questions.

wow, the superman case! i remember how much this sold for the last time;)

whats the dimensions of the stick. and will this fit sanwa screw in buttons? thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll get you exact measurements once I get home. It’s about 10x13x2 rough estimate.

ok cool thanks … and can they fit sanwa screw in buttons? and also if im able to take the plexi off to change the artwork? sorry for all the questions

Hey, yeah they fit Sanwa screw in and both art is interchangeable. Just remove plexi and change art.
Dimensions are: 12.5/9.5/1.5

Also, just found a siemitsu stick.laying around that will be thrown in with the deal.

unfurtunately im not going to be able to get the stick…im sorry >_< but i hope you find a buyer…i just dont got the money right now for it. i appreciate all your help though

It’s cool no prob. :slight_smile:

Bump for Price Drop

Same here! Good luck with same bro!

Willing to sell just the PCb?

Hey, sorry not selling just the pcb. :confused:

175 with shipping??

Willing to sell it for $125 shipped???

not looking for a trade?

Is this sold?