WTS: Consolized CPS2 system supergun w/ 2 hraps

Up for sale in my consolized CPS2 system. The is one of the coolest superguns you’ll see for sale. The cps2 a-board has 2 db15(neo-geo) ports on the front along with a credit button. On the back is the power plug /scart RGB out/ on/off switch.
System comes with power brick (not pictured) / video box with component / svideo/ composite / audio outs (jork video converter) of course the video box is not needed if your TV has a scart input.
Also comes with 2 Hraps wired for play and extention cables.

The d15 controller connectors also have a 5volt line on them so if you wanna use your p360 sticks or laughs SuperGun to PSX convertors or whatever they can be easily wired up. Everything works perfectly…

It was used for the ST tourney at Final Round this year, so you may have played on it.

I’m not including a B-board with the auction but I have a couple ST boards and an Alpha2 gold board if you wanna make a deal on one of them.

The A-board alone cost me over $400, so with video box and Hraps/cables
I’m asking $500 + shipping for everything.
Only reason for selling is I don’t use it anymore. If I can’t get what I’m asking I will keep it, so no low ball offers please.





I played on this at Final Round. It was the shit. I want to be this supergun when I grow up.

can i just get the hrap2 by it self?

LOL, but do want to buy it?:bgrin:

SteveTren, if I didn’t have my arcade needs met, I would totally buy it. That’s a damn great price on a great rig with 2 great sticks. Im seriously surprised it hasnt been bought yet.

Very interesting…would you consider shipping overseas? :slight_smile:

And how much are games for this thing , and where can I get them?

I assume it’s on 110voltage?

Did you build this thing yourself? What kind of video conversion is taking place inside (i.e. what chip…jrok?).

Yes I will ship overseas… Its uses any CPS2 b-boards which can be found on ebay and forums like this one. Yes it uses a Jork as decribed in the 1st post.
Open to serious offers…


Bump for a free CPS2 board with purchase… I will toss in an Alpha 2 gold CPS2 board for the lucky buyer!

Steve, you really need to contact me before you sell things like this that you know I want. Hit me up on AIM ASAP.

I saw those sticks, and played on them at Impact Clash. But you had a Blue CPS2 there though.

Canto, That was my Vampire Savior board when you saw the blue board in. I also had my Green ST board at Impact Clash. You can just swap the cartridges out on it like it was a Super Nintendo basically.

Is this still availible? How much for just the gun without the HRAPs, shipping to 90005(L.A. cali)