WTS: Capcom VS SNK 2 for the PS2, this gotta go! SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

Hello, guys, i got another copy of Capcom VS SNK 2 ON HOLD for the PS2, the game has a few Very light scratches, other than that, the case and the booklet are in very good conditions.

i dont have picturs right now, but if i see interest ill post some tonight, or tomorrow.

asking for $26 shipped, priority mail with confirmation #, like i said, this Game gotta go.
if anyone is interested please feel free to PM me, and i will only accept Paypal, and ship within the United States. thanks for looking, now buy the game before somebody else does.

this is my feedback thread

aaaaaahhhhhhh I want it but don’t have teh moneys right now. D:

Hold it for me till tomorrow, I’ll see what I can do.

Mr. Ghostal Pm me first. and then Imtony
so the first PM get the Hold, Ghostal. if he doesnt buy it then Imtony is next.
for now is on Hold for Ghostal. ill pm you dude.

Damn dude sorry, you are third on line, if they dont buy it then ill pm you, again sorry.

if somehow everyone miraculously flakes i’ll take it.

Sold Please Close