WTS: Call of Duty Black Ops and other stuff

Tekken 6 X360 stick (new) + Artbook (never been used or tested, only took the game out of the box for use at a local tournament) - 45 plus 15.00 shipping
Tekken 6 PS3 stick (new) + Artbook (never been used or tested, only took the game out of the box for use at a local tournament) - 45 plus 15.00 shipping

Hori EX-SE - X360 - Used for 2 hours to see what Seimitsu sticks felt like - $110 + shipping (local pickup preferred b/c shipping is expensive!) Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX-SE: Video Games

The following are headsets I bought and used for maybe 1 or 2 gaming sessions each before I splurged and spent too much money on Astro A40s:

Turtle Beach X1 - 25 + 10 shipping Amazon.com: Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset with Chat: Electronics

Turtle Beach X3 - 55 + 10 shipping Amazon.com: Ear Force X3 Headset: Chat + Wireless Game Audio, for?

Everglide S-500 Headset - 30 + 10 shipping (headset and mic attachment) Amazon.com: Everglide S-500 - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - black: Video Games

Sephiroth (static arts statue) - Opened (mint condition) - $80.00 + shipping Amazon.com: Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth Static Arts Figure: Toys & Games

Previously had this up for sale but deal fell through. Looking to just unload it now to make room (not enough room in a 1 bedroom apartment):


Selling my other X360 console. No point in having multiple X360 SF4 setups when my friends prefer to play on PS3 only.

X360 Sold

Adding more items as I find them this weekend.

I am interested in the GG stick. What are the dimensions on that badboy?

Ill measure it when I get home tonight.

Also added more stuff to list for sale

box size is 12 inches wide, 5 inches high, 36 inches in length.

Lowered prices

Added more stuff.

$20 for MW2 code?

Maybe if they don’t sell, I’m already taking a loss at this point since I bought each Mw2 code for 40.

Dead or Alive 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Transformers, Blur, and Singularity sold.

added g9 mouse

Is the Modern Warfare 2 PC code the US or that Russian version that was going around?

It’s straight from the retail pc version. I’ll open the sealed pc copy I have and send the buyer the code so we don’t have to worry about shipping since you need steam to play MW2 anyway.

Hi, interested in the mouse you have there. G9’s are amazing, and it’s a great deal. Can you go into more detail on if there are ANY defects whatsoever? Anything worn down or something that doesn’t work great, or you lost something? Also, how much would it cost to ship to BC, Canada?

PM me your address and i’ll check on shipping costs. Other than some wear on the bottom pads from use, it’s pretty much new. Everything except the box/cd/manual will be included. It works fine, have had 0 problems with it. I just prefer the MX510 mouse shape and decided to switch back to that.

Paid for the G9 mouse just now. Can’t wait!

SRK you are so broken, doube post and I can’t even delete it.

Are the turtle beaches still available? i’m interested