WTS: Brand New Cthulu PC/PS3 Assembled

Brand new Cthulu PC/PS3 that is assembled and still in static bag with instructions.
Asking - $30 shipped to the lower 48 States of U.S.

Try to PM me maybe I will get an auto-notify, just seems I haven’t been getting them when I should
or just e-mail me @ JT415GZ@GMAIL.COM

thanks to lazeeya! it is now sold~

I’ll take it. What’s your paypal?


Thank you sir.

P.s. Good thing I checked SRK today, otherwise I would never have known I had any replies. Why is auto-notify reply to subscribed thread, isn’t working for me? Argh =)

payment is sent… if you have time, can you ship today? im in a rush to get it and i bought it from you cuz you’re in CALI and so am i. thanks.

Postal pickup here is at 5PM and I leave work at 4:30, plus I need to package it; so very doubtful about today. I’ll see what I can do. If not, tomorrow for sure.
Thanks lazeeya!

shipped yesterday