WTS Blazblue Arcade Board & Taito Type X2 System

Hey guys, some of you might have been around when I tried to do this last year. All my buyers fell through and I’ve fallen on hard times so my Blazblue board is unfortunatly the first thing on the chopping block again. Here’s my shameleslly copypasted post with minor changes to check for interest. I know you arcade nuts are out there somewhere, I could really use your business right now.

It’s still in perfect condition. I have the controls wired to laugh’s little 100 buck PS2 converters that work amazingly, I’ll include those. I’ll include the capcom naomi converter and power supply already prewired. So basically all you need is a PS2 controller and a monitor and you’re good to go. If you don’t want to go the PS2 controller route because you have a cabinet you want to put it in I’ll include a JAMMA loom on request. I’ll also include the movestrips and promotional flier that comes with the system.

The Taito Type X2 doesn’t just work with the Blazblue board, it seems like it’s the new standard lately. Street Fighter 4 runs on it. As does Samurai Showdown : Edge of Destiny and Battle Fantasia. SNK is also supporting Taito X2 over Atomiswave now with King of Fighters XII running on it. So it’s a good purchase beyond just Blazblue.

I really hate to give this up and I know not a ton of people have money to throw around but I figured I’d give SRK first shot at this before I put it up elsewhere.

It retailed at roughly $4000 for the whole setup when it came out.** I’m going to ask $850 or best offer.**

Post up any questions, concerns, requests and I’ll fill them in ASAP. Thanks guys. Hope one of you will give this thing a good home where it’ll be enjoyed.

Pics from last year. Still relevant and everything is in the exact same condition as when I took them.

Here’s the whole package minus the PS2 converters and power supply. The PS2 converters are in 100% working pristine condition and they’re wired to little fingerboards for easy removal. Everything is in clean working order and I’ve never had a problem with any part of them. Still brand new, I was the first and only owner.

Here’s the I/O board. Not much to say here. I included all the cords necessary to run and plug and play. This little sucker goes for $250+. Hard to believe.

The board and system itself with the security dongle. As you can see you can actually easily hook it up to any VGA or DVI computer monitor with the included converter. Makes shopping around for a monitor worlds easier.

The movestrips and promotional flier for arcade operators. Apparently alot of people go after these things. Alot of my offers are just for these. :looney: I’m only including these with the board. It’s really not cost efficient to sell them otherwise for anyone.

The power supply. Sorry for the crappy pic, it’s in my Alpha cab. No light down there. Not much to say about this. It supplies power and does it’s job well. :rofl: