WTS: Blank HAPP and Sanwa style joystick enclosures

I have a bunch of joystick cases available. I used to make lots of sticks for people all over the USA, Mexico, and Europe.

Checkout a quick video a great customer made of a build I did for him:

What I am selling is incomplete cases, not full joysticks, I just don’t have the time anymore.

Email me at mekishiko916(at)gmail
You can see my shop at mekishiko916.etsy.com and see my stuff on kotaku and Engadget


HAPP USA style:
SOLD OUT: 1x Straight 6 button layout Poplar wood case w/ plexi $50

4x Straight 8 button layout MDF cases w/ plexi $70

Sanwa/Seimetsu Japanese Style:

6x Vewlix curved 8 button layout cases w/ plexi $80

These are put together and ready for you to seal, paint, print art, and install your hardware!

Shipping to continental USA is $12.99

We can discuss international or Puerto Rico shipping.

Here are the boxes used in my finished products:

will the happ 6 button case fit crown buttons and a m. fanta? if so id be interested

HAPP holes are 28.575mm and crown are 28mm so they should fit fine. The Fanta collar thingy requires a 35mm hole, and all the holes (sans the nutrik adapter hole) are 28.575mm (1 1/8") in my HAPP cases. But if you required the whole to be widened you could just use a Dremel to widen it.

Do you happen to know if the screw holes would line up for or is it pretty easy to make new ones? i can redrill the hole for the collar just not 100% sure about the screws

Looks like they are some MM off to line up =( Oh well. I really liked that case too =(


Thanks anyways =(

Once you widen the stick hole You should be easily able to lay your stick in from the bottom, mark the spots for the new holes, and drill them and counter sink the tops of the holes that will lay behind the plexi, and be sure to use countersunk screws/nuts to hold the stick in place. Then the plexi + art will cover the unused happ mounting screw holes.

@Mekishiko would you sell the 6 button for $40 shipped? i can send the money now.

Really interested if you could come down on the price. I recently got some parts that the 6 button happ would be great for. Just running low on cashola…Let me know plz y!!!

I bought the 6-button. But not sure if he only had one. Might have a quicker response through his e-mail.

ahhh damn. shoulda snagged it.

eMail sent.

I still have Vewlix style curved Japanese encloses available and just a few HAPP straight 8s left!

Got my Happ Straight-8 from @Mekishiko last week.

Fast shipping, very well packed, really like the fit and finish of it too.

Any pics of the vewlix style case?

Damn @Feargus001100‌ nice buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Baller buttons, need a baller case, c’mon people send @Mekishiko yer $$$ !!!