WTS: Big Pockets Carbon Fiber Case w/ Retrofitted Ascii Optical

What I got for sale is a Big Pockets Carbon Fiber case with 3 24mm black Sanwa snap-ins, 6 30mm dark hai Sanwa snap-ins, dark hai meshball, and a retrofitted Ascii Optical with JLF parts. No PCB included. Looking for $200 shipped within the continental US. Paypal only. If you’re interested and you live internationally, please PM me over shipping costs.



how much(or little) does the case weigh? gl with your sale!

It’s pretty light, probably weighs less than 2 lbs even with wiring and a pcb in it. Didn’t feel like paying more for weight modifications though, especially since I already had an body shop clear coat the thing even more to remove some of the pinholes.

“and a retrofitted Ascii Optical with JLF parts.”

^What does this mean? You turned it from one of the best and rather rare optical sticks, to a mishmash microswitch one? I would’ve either kept it full optical or full JLF…I will take the optical parts if you don’t want 'em. :rofl:

It’s best not to say anything when you don’t know what you’re talking about…

what are the dimensions of it(it looks about the size of a SE)?

Estimate measurements are 12"x8" with 2 1/4" in the back and 1 1/2" in the front. And for Julius Blaze, it means it’s similar to a Sanwa Flash as interchangeable parts such as the shaft and springs were replaced from the Ascii counterpart. Everything except the base, plastic/metal ring, and optical pcb were replaced with the Sanwa equivalent. This allows it to be close to the specifications of a Sanwa Flash as the Ascii opticals out of the box have their own unique properties that may or may not be wanted by those wishing to use a Japanese optical, i.e. the shaft height or octogate.

^Oh I see, I thought the shaft height and gate were exact clones of the sanwa flash, I have used a sanwa flash but not an ascii clone, from what I remember of what Paik posted before, the Ascii is the same size and just as high quality as the sanwa.

Let me help you…when someone uses this mark " ? ", it means they are asking a question, which means they admit that the don’t know something, and are inquiring for further information. I hope this helps.

He probably replaced everything except for the optical housing and body. There is also a rubber ring and washer that needs to stay in there.

So… there is a ascii stick in there, with the optical pcb included?

The only thing that’s left from it that’s originally from the Ascii is the housing, the plastic/metal ring that comes with it, and the optical pcb itself. Everything else has been replaced with the JLF equivalent. It’s no different to any other retrofitted optical that’s advertised in the trading outlet.

is this the stick that you put the aluminum feet under? :wink:

Good luck man. Nice stick.

It’s still in an attempt because of how the plexi was made, a new plexi is needed and I’m in the process of finding someone that can actually do the job. Not listing this anymore though so please close, just going to continue further modifying it.