WTS: ASCII [Optical] DC/PS1 Sticks - $60 + Shipping (FINAL PRICE DROP)

Note: I am moving soon and I need to sell these before the end of August :xeye:

Shipping Cost:

EMS [Shipped to US or Canada] - $55 (2 - 3 Business Days) *Adjusted for Exchange Rate
EMS [Shipped Outside North America] - Ask For Quote

*Combined shipping available

Sticks For Sale:

1) Dreamcast ASCII Stick FT [???FT] - $60 + Shipping *No Box



2) Dreamcast ASCII Stick FT Special: Capcom Version [???FT SPECIAL???] - $60 + Shipping *No Character Instruction Cards



3) PlayStation ASCII Stick Justice [???] - $60 + Shipping *No Box



4) PlayStation ASCII Stick Justice [???] - $60 + Shipping *Has Stickers/No Box



Sold Sticks:

1) PlayStation ASCII Stick 3 Ultimate [???] - SOLD *Bad LCD Screen/Comes with Command Pack

2) PlayStation ASCII Stick 3 Ultimate [???] - SOLD *Bad LCD Screen

3) PlayStation ASCII Stick 3 Ultimate [???] - SOLD *Bad LCD Screen

4) PlayStation ASCII Stick Justice [???] - SOLD

5) Dreamcast ASCII Stick FT Special: SNK Version [???FT SPECIAL SNK???] - SOLD

6) Dreamcast ASCII Stick FT Special: SNK Version [???FT SPECIAL SNK???] - SOLD *No Box/Extras

PayPal only. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make requests, I will try my best to make the deal work with you. Thank you :slight_smile:


PM’D for the model with the good screen! Can pay today!

Edit: Oh, I just saw that you aren’t able to test these at your house-- as far as my inquiry as to the quality of the screen on the one with the working LCD, if you can just confirm that the screen works and is legible/crisp beyond a shadow of a doubt then I’ll be happy to take your word on it if you can’t take pics of it.

Thank you.

Also, I think I spy a memory expansion included with that one-- would you include that to sweeten the deal? :]

Let me know if you can part with JUST the optical joystick from any of these bad boys. I have plenty of cases lying around; I’m mainly just interested in the optical stick. Thanks!

I looking to buy a optical stick anyway so if meus sells the flash 1 to someone else I am def gonna have to take one of your sticks. Plz pm if you can do the vshg thing if you do it would save me some time big guy.

ASCII Stick Justice added.

so whats the deal k$ i

ASCII Capcom and SNK sticks listed.

Pm sent for both snk & capcom

nice! the command pack is hard to find

Raku: Thanks for your response re: the screen on the ASCII Stick 3. I’m still interested in it, despite the flawed screen. Contact me when you can so we can work something out.

eczangief, please make some room in your inbox :smile:

Sorry bout that! Fixed.

wow, wish i saved my optical stick, i sold it for 110 shipped last summer and the buyer beefed about that…

Nice ASCIIs Raku!! good luck with your sales!

Hey, payment shipped, please check your PM since I sent you my shipping info.

If you do, indeed, live in Japan, how hard is it to find ascii stuff? Programmable controllers/stick/command packs?

In stores, pretty hard to find although it was easier when I lived in Tokyo because Akihabara is a gold mine of gaming gear. Online, ASCII sticks (the optical ones) are getting harder to find and more expensive but there are still some ASCII Stick Ultimate 3’s online, although most of them don’t have a properly working screen. As for programmable controllers, someone asked me if I could purchase an ASCII Pad V Pro for him and I was able to find it online, so I guess it’s available. Command Packs, I don’t know how rare they actually are.

Spring Price Drop - The prices of all the sticks have been lowered by $15 :rock:

Bump :angel: