WTS ASAP: Dual Modded SC5 TE-S Stick w/custom work by TRiXWoN

Must sell ASAP! Asking for $150 shipped! PM me other offers!

Description fron TRiXWoN:

Madcatz TE S "Soul Edition"
Artwork inspired by the Namco Noir Cabinet

Plexi from Art’s Hobbies
Black outline “Namco” Vinyl from Nether in the trading outlet.
Brushed Aluminum Vinyl under that from ebay
All sanwa OBSF and OBSC buttons from www.focusattack.com
Black sides are from a regular TE S (which now has my persona arwork and Soul edition sides)
Dual modded with Phreakmods “Cerberus”

Would that $160 cover shipping to Sweden?
Also, do you take paypal?

I do take PayPal, but I doubt that will be enough to cover shipping to Sweden. My zip is 48823 if you want to calculate shipping charges.

Medium flat rate to England is around $60. If that helps at all

What is it dual modded with?

Not sure. I’ll get that info ASAP.

Updated with accurate info.

Price drop.

beautiful stick. I may be interested

This still up for sale? What parts are those specifically?