WTS: Arcade in a Box Dual-Modded stick (SOLD), TvC Wii Fightstick

Looking to get rid off these items as I am not using them really. The Arcade in a Box is full Sanwa and actually Tri-Modded for PS3,PS2, and 360 although I had some difficulty getting the PS2 to work so I am advertising the stick as dual modded. The PS2 cable is wrapped up inside the box. As for the TvC stick, I still have the original box and the stick itself was barely used. Will ship anywhere in US or local pickup (Chicagoland area). If you have any questions, please PM me.

Arcade in a Box Dual Mod Stick - $225 + shipping (SOLD)

TvC Fightstick - $40 + shipping

Arcade in a Box stick has been sold.

i recieved the AIAB today and it feels fken awesome. thanks bobalu, and bump for a good guy.