WTS: Anime

Both the Finkle and Byrdo sticks have been with me for a year, and I got both off of another SRKer here. As far as I know, I’m the second owner of both sticks. Both sticks are PS1, judging from the whitish cables. Since they have been seeing hardly any daylight, I felt it was time to let them move on to another SRKer.

Finkle stick: $old shipped
I believe this is one of Finkle’s first slim sticks, if not the first one. The stick is in good condition with some very minor chips on the metal and the wood. Otherwise, it’s good, especially being 4(?) years old.

Byrdo stick: $old shipped
Byrdo sticks are usually over $200, but I will let this go for $sold. There are a few dents and scratches on the plastic edges as seen, but other than that the stick is in great condition.

Tekken 5 (T5) stick: $sold
This has been a reliable stick ever since I got it. Everything is stock and works great. If I remember correctly, it has had no trouble with popular convertors like the Pelican and inPin. The faceplate is a little scratched up, but other than that, it looks good.

Elfen Lied - The Diclonius Report + Noein - To Your Other Self: $35 shipped OBO
Both are boxed sets containing the whole series. Their condition remains the same as the day I bought them new.

Feel free to negotiate with me about prices or request more pics, especially the anime. Also, I only accept PayPal, and the buyer must be within the continental US. Thanks.

very nice sticks


Your gun is diggin into my hip…Oh God!


PM sent.

PM responded.


Friendly bump.

Received the Finkle stick this morning. Nicely packaged. It’s a beauty. Buy from this person =D.

Price drop bump.



Price drop bumps.

Well time to start selling some of my stuff because you’re starting to get me really interested in this stick… lol. I wonder if I could find out what kind of paint Byrdo used so I could repair the case…

I’m sure you could contact him yourself via his website to find out the paint. I heard he sometimes repairs some of his own sticks as well. Oh, and thanks for the interest. :slight_smile:



I’m still interested but I still have to wait to sell some crap… I’m not having much luck either.

stick is pretty :lol: wiring and buttons are all working well? if so, i’d love to talk to you a lil more about it if the stick isn’t sold yet!

Yep, the stick works perfectly, even with the inPin and Pelican converters. I haven’t opened the stick up, but I’m willing to bet Byrdo did an excellent job, as he usually does. :slight_smile:

well im looking to trade my MAS for a japanese style stick. If youre interested in something like that let me know - i could throw in some additional financial compensation as well.

you said that you only accept paypal, yeh? i would really like to take you up on this… i’ll get right back to you !