WTS and trade modded tekken 5 stick

this stick is fully sanwa modded. barely used. has ps1 pcb in it.and ill even throw in my converter. that has no lag once so ever. im asking 150$ plus shipping. u.s only. and if u live in ny that will be great to make things much easier lol.






ima take the artwork of once someone buys it bc well i doubt u want blazeu25 on ur own stick lol. and things im looking for is a 360 sf4fight pad. a converter for ss pad to 360.as u can see ima ss pad player and right now a few tournys r going on in ny which are on 360 and i have nothing for it. only have that 3 in1 joy box for ps3.

nice stick

nice stick but just wondering since you’e looking for a pad, are you switching to pad now?

nah i been a pad player. just tryed stick and couldnt get with it. i no i can if i put alot of time in but so many tournys in ny happening right now i kinda need to get done with those 1st then practice with stick

ill TAKE IT… for my friend lol